Tennessee Eye Care is a network of eye care providers committed to relationships with God, our patients, their families, and each other. Our heart is for our patients and the quality of life they live. We understand that your vision affects every aspect of your life. When things aren’t right, it shows up pretty quickly. We want to help you live a better life. So if you’re in our office, it’s because something isn’t right. We don’t take that lightly.

Visit a Tennessee Eye Care doctor today. See Better, Live Better.

Eye Doctor With Patient | Tennessee Eye Care

One Vision: Yours

At Tennessee Eye Care, our doctors think health care should revolve around you. So we designed and built a system of care that works that way. You are the patient. You are the focus. You are the reason we’re here – so we try to act that way. Our goal is to provide high quality, cost-effective eye care to the people of Tennessee.

By visiting one of our offices, you are trusting us to make decisions and offer solutions that will improve your eyesight and ultimately your life. We value that trust and promise not to take it for granted. Let us show you what sets us apart. We care how you see, so come see how we care.


Yearly Eye Exams for Adults and Kids | Tennessee Eye Care

Eye Exams

Eye care is an important part of your overall health. As we age, our eyes change and so do our eye care needs. Tennessee Eye Care is with you every step of the way.

Purchase Glasses and Contacts | Tennessee Eye Care

Glasses and Contacts

Glasses or contacts, cleaners or drops, Tennessee Eye Care has you covered. Our eye care providers specialize in your total eye care needs.

Cataract Surgery and Eye Disease Management | Tennessee Eye Care

Disease and Surgery

We hope you never need advanced medical eye care. But if you do, rest assured that Tennessee Eye Care doctors are at the cutting edge of their specialty.